Infectious Christianity

Infectious Christianity
Tim Senn
March 18, 2020

Dear Bible Church family,

I have a confession to make. About twice a day I get on the World Health Organization website and view the latest statistics regarding how many people have contracted and been infected by COVID-19. As of this morning, March 18th, the number of confirmed cases of those who have contracted the virus is 204,251; and the number of those who have died from this disease is 8,246. I admit that part of my curiosity in tracking the spread of this disease is fear, part of it is morbid (these aren't statistics, they are people!), but another part involves fascination. As I watch the number of people grow each day, I say to myself: "What an example of the power of multiplication!" Experts say that each person who contracts the disease will infect 2.6 other people. That means that one single person in China contracted this illness, infected 2 or 3 other people, and that several months later, we have a worldwide pandemic on our hands! Wow! The power of compounding and multiplication!

But then I think to myself: "What if every Christian, living a 'contagious' life for the Gospel and for Jesus Christ, intentionally shared his or her faith and the Gospel message with 2 or 3 other people, seeking to 'infect them' with the good news of Jesus Christ? How might God multiply the number of Christians on planet earth? As Bible-believing Christians, we understand that men and women are thoroughly sinful, meaning that many who hear our message will reject the good news of forgiveness of sin and eternal life through Christ. But as Bible-believing Christians, we also have confidence that God is sovereign in His election, and that as we faithfully share the message, He will powerfully work His miracle of salvation! Those "infected" by the Gospel message will be led to real, abundant, eternal life!

So my question for you today is, "Who are you seeking to infect with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Will you join me in praying that God will give you an opportunity over the coming weeks to share the Gospel with 2-3 people? Remember, these aren't statistics, but are real people -- real people like your family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors -- real people who will either spend eternity in heaven or in hell! Let's trust the Lord for courage and boldness to share our faith, and let's trust God with the results of our evangelistic efforts! He will bring forth the fruit of salvation if we are willing to be used by Him to plant Gospel seeds! So, who will you seek to infect with the Gospel today? What chain of gospel multiplication might ensue if one faithful Christian shared his or her faith with 2-3 others this week!

For the Gospel,
Tim Senn - Elder

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