Foreign Missions

We long for God to be rightly known and glorified for His marvelous attributes in all the world. We believe that the culmination of missions, whether cross-cultural or local, is the joyful worship of God amongst people who in times past rejected and ignored His rule. Thus, we aim to support individuals and families who serve as vocational missionaries in the work of evangelism and discipleship. We do so by providing substantial financial and prayer support and by mutual accountability. Moreover, we aim to create and support new initiatives for the proclamation of the Gospel. Through training and by example we desire for all in our fellowship to be actively involved in the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commission to the Church.

At the bottom of the page, documents are provided for those interested in being supported by BCLR as career and short-term missionaries as well as members of the local BCLR body to be informed about the current missions policy.

Meet Our Missionaries

Rod and Pam Kinch

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Bogotá, Colombia

The Kinches have been translating the New Testament for the Yurutí people since 1973. They are continuing the process of completing the Yurutí New Testament, focusing on having several of the villages and clan groups complete “read-throughs” of each of the approved books prior to publication. “Read-throughs” are currently being conducted in Puerto Loma and Tiger Waterfalls. Rod and Pam are also involved in helping the Yurutí believers construct a chapel in the village of Consuelo. The chapel in the village of Puerto Loma was completed last year. They have two married children, Paul and Debbie, and have 7 grandchildren.

James & Carlyn Layton

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

James is a full-time anesthesiologist at the CURE hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They do mostly charity surgeries for children with orthopedic deformities and cleft lip/palates. There is a full-time spiritual ministry team that is able to form relationships, share the gospel, and disciple the patients and their families while the patients are in the hospital. The spiritual team actively seeks partnerships with church planters and national church leaders throughout the country. These relationships have been very effective in furthering the gospel and discipleship. The families really respond not only to the dramatic impact from the corrective surgeries, but also to the compassion and love of Christ that is shown to them while they are at the hospital.

Herb & Ruth Lyon

Nepal and India

After a great and challenging year as interim Pastor of Emmanuel Church in Bangalore, India, and after being a part of seeing a national pastor take over, Herb and Ruth returned to the States waiting for God’s next assignment. That didn’t take long to come. A ministry in Nepal has been asking Herb to come and assist them in the training of national pastors and also to teach others how to do the training. He has accepted this challenge once again to be involved in training others to shepherd the flock of God. Herb will be in Nepal the whole month of February, returning to the States at the beginning of March. The plan right now is for him to return to Nepal in May and September. While Herb does his part of God’s assignment, Ruth will be staying in the States where she will be prayer warrior.

Josh & Marda Mack

Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

The Macks are involved in planting a church in the inner city of Pretoria, one-on-one mentoring and training of men and women, establishing a Bible training center where everyday church members can go deeper in their understanding of God’s Word, and running a baby home for abandoned babies with the goal of helping them find forever families.

Wayne & Carol Mack

Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

Dr. Wayne and Carol Mack are with Strengthening Ministries Training Institute (SMTI). Wayne teaches courses in biblical counseling in Pretoria, South Africa. Wayne also pastors Lynnwood Baptist Church along with his son-in-law, Pastor Sybrand DeSwardt. He also is involved in counseling and supervising other counselors for membership in the Association of Biblical Counselors and is developing literature for use in churches and for Christian individuals.  Carol regularly teaches women’s Bible study groups, counsels, speaks at women’s conferences, and assists Wayne in many aspects of his ministry.

Visit the Mack’s website: Strengthening Ministries International

Britt & Khani Makhanya

Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

Britt and Khani were married in December 2018. Britt continues as the manager of the 1Hope4Africa’s Muphamuzi Baby Home (MBH). MBH is a place of safety, closely tied with Living Hope Church, that cares for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable babies until they are reunited with family, placed into foster care, or adopted.

Britt also works as the administrator for the African Bible Train-ing Centre (ABTC). ABTC is a training center that equips students to know their Bibles better and to be able to take what they have learned in order to build up their churches, thus strengthening churches in Pretoria and beyond. These courses (Systematic Theology and Bible Survey) are offered to pastors, church members, men interested in attending seminary in the future, and lay leaders.

Britt also works with Living Hope Church with administrative responsibilities and helps to oversee the teen girls discipleship.

Dr. Dinesh & Shannon P.


In 2011, Dinesh and Shannon moved to a Christian Hospital in Asia. Currently Dinesh works as a surgeon two days a week. The majority of his time is spent training pastors and serving as one of the teaching elders in their local church. Shannon works one morning a week in the hospital, homeschools their children, and disciples women in one of the house churches.

Sarah Ray

Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

Sarah serves full-time with Living Hope Church in Pretoria, South Africa. Her primary role is in women’s discipleship, but she also helps with administrative tasks, children’s ministry, young adults’ ministry, and ladies’ ministry. Sarah is the Director of Interns for 1Hope Ministries where she disciples ladies who come (often from overseas) to serve for several months at the Muphamuzi Baby Home. Sarah is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling under Dr. Wayne Mack at Strengthening Training Ministries Institute in Pretoria. She enjoys spending much of her time using God’s Word to disciple and counsel women in knowing and loving Him more in their day-to-day lives.

Dave & Amy Temple

Lilongwe, Malawi

The Temples are serving with Central African Preaching Academy (CAPA) in Lilongwe, Malawi, where Dave is training pastors in a seminary. CAPA is a new ministry whose goal is to train pastors to preach the Bible. CAPA’s motto is simple and modeled after Ezra 7:10: “training pastors to study, practice, and preach God’s Word.” Part of the unique challenge in this African setting is the influence of the prosperity gospel as it has mixed with the African superstitious worldview. Biblical illiteracy is rampant, and textual faithfulness is sparse.