Why not begin family worship tonight?

Why not begin family worship tonight?
Tim Senn
March 16, 2020

Dear Bible Church Family,

Today I want to speak directly to the husbands and fathers at BCLR. Perhaps in the past, you have struggled to make time to lead your wife and family in consistent family devotions. The press of sports, music, ballet, gymnastics, and other social activities has impinged upon your time and ability to gather the family around in order to read God’s Word, sing together, and pray together. Guess what! Now your calendar to a large degree is cleared, and it is time to take back the family dinner table!

Here are some helpful tips: (1) Keep it simple! Read, Sing, Pray; (2) Keep it short! 15-20 minutes should be sufficient; (3) Involve as many family members as possible. I would recommend reading the NT chapter from our “Reading Together” plan, singing a couple of hymns or songs, and spending a few minutes in prayer. If you are ambitious, you can add the Psalm reading as well. Some advice to the overachievers among us – don’t try to accomplish the entire reading plan during family worship! Remember tips #1 and #2 or you will undermine tip #3 as family members lose interest!

And when you are finished with family worship, why not take the opportunity to engage your children and ask how they are doing, and how they are processing these crazy world events? Perhaps our world is giving us the opportunity to reclaim and to recapture some really profitable and beneficial spiritual disciplines, and some important time together as families!

I also am aware that some of you are single moms and unmarried. What should you do in those situations? Moms, you can follow the same simple instructions listed above. Singles, would it be okay if some of our families contacted you to either invite you over for dinner or patch you in on a conference call or FaceTime during family worship? Would that be intrusive, or welcomed? And please hear me say, it is okay to say “No” if asked! Families, would it be okay if some of our single members called you and asked if they could join in on your times of family worship? And please hear me say, it is okay to say “Not tonight”! But, would we all be willing to ask? These times are calling for us to adapt and to be flexible, but I believe that BCLR is up for the challenge!

Why not make plans to begin family worship tonight? Luke 5 has some riches and gems to discover and unearth together!

For the Gospel,
Tim Senn - Elder

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