Adult Equipping Hour

Adult equipping hour classes are designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ as you deepen both your knowledge and love for God.
They are offered on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 am.

During this time of social distancing, Equipping Hour classes are meeting on Zoom as well as in person.

Don't have a password? Fill out the connect card below or call the church office at 501-227-4980.

New Member Class
If you are interested in becoming a member of or simply want to learn more about BCLR, please consider attending this class. A final fellowship dinner will be held one evening after the class is completed. You will cover such topics as Philosophy of Ministry, membership requirements, the constitution, bylaws, stewardship and missions as well as information about the various ministries of the church. Please contact Julie Riley in the church office to sign up or for more information.

Fall 2020 Classes

beginning August 23

The Word Made Flesh

Joined Heirs - Activity Center
The beloved apostle John, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gives this as the purpose statement of his gospel account.   We will remind our hearts from scripture that the Word was with God, was God, and that all things came into being through Him.  He is the Light of the world.  He has explained the Father.  He is the Word made flesh.  Join us as we behold His glory as it is revealed in this glorious gospel.

Biblical Parenting

Led by Howard Bennett, Michael Fuqua, and Greg Scheideman - Room A202-204
Biblical Parenting will cover how to address the heart of your child. This class is for parents with children of any age and will provide perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life. Taught in person and shared on Zoom, we will share from the 25+ years and 4+ children God has given each of us as we learned how to implement God’s wisdom in parenting.

Learning to Pray from the Lord's Prayer

Led by James Henrich and Lawson Hembree - Room A208-210
The Lord’s Prayer is a prayer for disciples. It’s Jesus’ response to the request, “Teach us to pray.” It’s the model prayer for all aspiring to pray, not with trite words and slogans, but with hearts truly engaged with our Heavenly Father. This in-depth study aims to explore the Lord’s Prayer with a view of reviving and enriching our private practice of prayer.

Hebrews: The Superiority of Christ and His Covenant

2 Tim. 2:2 Women's Class - Room A211
Women of all ages are invited to study with us as we rejoice in the finished work of Christ.  The class consists of prayer time followed by a discussion of assigned verses directed by one of the leaders.