Special events

Some BCLR women's events are fun and casual game nights. Some include ideas for creating beautiful homes, holiday meals, or family traditions. Some are evangelistic and planned with unchurched friends in mind. And some focus on straightforward teaching about aspects of the culture which directly affect women's lives. Some are held for a coup of hours on a Friday night, and some are overnight retreats. But all events for BCLR women are designed to foster fellowship and deepen relationships around God's Word.

"Summer Cottages" (Table for Four 2020 Version)

Were the world functioning as we expected, we would be signing up for this year’s Table for 4, the BCLR Women’s Ministry time of summer fellowship. But, the days are not as predictable as we thought they would be, and having lunch together in one another’s homes would involve more than being sure the bathroom is clean, the children, dogs, and breakfast dishes are tidied and put away, and the salad is chilling in the fridge. Yet our desire to see one another, to get to know the new women who have joined our Body, to learn about the women who have lived long enough to see grandchildren or to have survived job transfers, promotions, lay-offs, and retirement, that desire is still strong. So what will we do to grow together in unity and love in this season? We will find new ways to connect with one another. We will do what God has made us capable of doing: we will adapt.

This summer the Women’s Ministry invites you to join a BCLR Summer Cottage, a group of six to seven women who will meet together weekly via Zoom to share thoughts on the week’s Bible reading and to pray for one another, perhaps to even ask questions about parenting and about growing older, perhaps to laugh together at shared household mishaps or to sit in silence together at shared heartaches. We invite you to discover in one another the sisters our heavenly Father designed for us in this season of our lives.

Using Zoom, Summer Cottages will “open” once a week for a one hour retreat. Some will gather in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening. Each Cottage will have a Hostess to open, facilitate, and close the visit. To join one of our Summer Cottages, please fill out an information form by clicking the link at the bottom of this post. Registration will close Wednesday, May 6. By May 13 your Cottage Hostess will contact you with the day and time of your Cottage retreats and Zoom information, and if you need technical assistance, she will put someone in touch with you.