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William S. Plumer once asserted, "Delight in Christ, intoxication with Christ, preoccupation with Christ, glory in Christ is at the very heart of Christian praise and at the very heart of the Christian experience.” “The King in All His Beauty” is a modern hymn offered to us as God’s people so that we may render such praise to the One who is most worthy of praise in all this world. Throughout the month of October, we will be adding this song to our corporate music vocabulary and have opportunity to learn and sing it together each Lord’s Day. On these occasions, may we say with the psalmist, “My heart overflows with a good theme; I address my verses to the King” (Ps. 45:1).
O lift your eyes to Heaven see
The Holy One eternal
Behold the Lord of Majesty
Exalted in His temple
As symphonies of angels’ praise
Now strain to sound His glory
Come worship fall before His grace
The King in all His beauty

How worthy, how worthy, how worthy
The King in all His beauty

Now see the King who wears a crown
One made of shame and splinters
The sacrifice for ruined man
The substitute for sinners
As Earth is stained with royal blood
And quakes with love and fury
He breathes His last and bows His head
The King in all His beauty

Now see the Savior lifted up
The Lamb who reigns in splendor
The hope of every tribe and tongue
His kingdom is forever
Bring praise and honor to His courts
Bring wisdom, power, blessing
For endless ages we’ll adore
The King in all His beauty

Matthew Boswell | Matthew Papa
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