Praying together 2021

BCLR member prayer guide

Dear Bible Church,

In conjunction with the 2021 Praying Together Corporate Plan, we will be compiling a pictorial directory.  Please submit a digital photo and your prayer requests to Callie Anna Oxner ( as soon as possible.  We would like each member/family to submit 4-6 prayer requests for which the entire church can be praying on your behalf.  These can include, but are not limited to: personal needs, desired areas of spiritual growth, family needs, job or school requests, witnessing opportunities, and areas of service and ministry.  


1.Pray that I will grow in the spiritual grace of love, choosing to love others unconditionally or when they are unresponsive to my acts of love.
2.Pray that I will be faithful and diligent in reading through the Bible in a year and in praying for my church family in the prayer directory.
3.Pray for a witnessing opportunity that I have with my neighbor or a friend at work or school.  Pray that I will speak the truth in love and be bold and courageous with the Gospel.  
4.Pray for the fruitfulness of a discipleship relationship I have with another member of the church.
5.Pray for our child as they make a decision concerning where to go to college and what major to pursue.
6.Pray that I would trust God as I look for employment or during a difficult season at work.    


Some have asked whether or not they can provide more than 4-6 requests, or whether each family member can provide 4-6 requests!  We absolutely want to pray for you and are not holding to a firm maximum number of requests.  However, please limit the total number of requests as we really are creating a tool that others may use to pray for you.  

Lord willing, we will update this directory each quarter, allowing for requests to be updated and new requests to be made.  Also, this directory will be distributed to members only, and thus you can share more personal requests and needs and be assured that they will remain within our church family.  

Look to this page for further updates and information. We look forward to praying together in 2021 with you!