Simply service

“And let our people learn to engage in good deeds and meet pressing needs, so that they may not be unfruitful.” Titus 3:14
“By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another.” John 13:3  The Bible says, “what use is it if someone says he has faith but he has no works?” (James 2:14)  One outworking of our Christian faith is to use our abilities and gifts in service to others.  The Simply Service ministry provides a way to “have love one for another.”

These ministry opportunities include:
"What’s Cooking?" These women provide meals for those in need who are not connected with a care group and come alongside care groups when needed.
"First Impressions"  These women make the atmosphere in the church building pleasant and inviting. They set up Christmas trees, arrange and water poinsettias and Easter lilies, and tend to the daily decoration of our facility throughout the entire calendar year.
"By Special Request" These women graciously help with special needs such as transportation or childcare.
"Reception Connection" These women organize church-wide dinners, fellowships, receptions, and showers.

Please contact Kelly Scheideman to find out how you can be involved!