Retreats and events

Students and staff devote two weekends per year for concentrated biblical teaching over the weekend with time, space and activities intended to teach students to cultivate a biblical relationship with God and neighbor. These are times for us to get away from our busy schedules and the many distractions in our lives and to focus on our relationship with God. We have seen God work in the hearts of students again and again on our retreats. Retreats are also great fun! Below is a sample schedule.

4:00 p.m.          Departure from BCLR
6:30                   Dinner
8:00                   Session #1
9:30                   Small Group
10:00                 Free Time
11:00                  In Cabins
12-6                   Quiet Hours

7:00 a.m.           Prayer Meeting (Optional)
8:00                   Breakfast
9:00                   Personal Devotions
9:30                   Session #2
11:00  Small Group
12:00 p.m.         Lunch
1:00   Group Games
3:00  Free Time
5:00  Dinner
6:00  Session #3
7:30  Small Group
8:30  Senior Game
11:00  In Cabins
12-6  Quiet Hours

7:00 a.m.   Prayer Meeting (Optional)
8:00  Breakfast
9:00  Personal Devotions
9:30  Session #4
11:30  Small Group
12:30 p.m.   Lunch
4:00 Return to BCLR

We also schedule special events and activities throughout the year in order to promote unity within our group and to provide our students with the opportunity to share Christ with their friends. We also plan events that give parents the opportunity to facilitate and deepen their relationship with their teenagers. Some favorites include the annual overnight camping trip during which we canoe the Buffalo River, Broom Hockey nights at the Arkansas Skatium, and bonfires in the fall!


Can I invite friends? - Absolutely! All are welcome.

What does it cost? - The cost is $100 per person. If you register before Sep. 7th you get a free retreat t-shirt!

Who is the speaker? -Drew Cox from CrossLife Church.

What should I pack? - A physical Bible, notebook, a sleeping bag or linens/blankets, a towel, swimsuit, toiletries, jacket, your pillow, flashlight, and snacks.

Still have questions? - Email us at