Small Group Leaders

Douglas Allison

Pastor of Students
11th-12th Grades Boys Leader
Douglas Allison joined BCLR as the Pastor to Students in July of 2016. Douglas grew up at BCLR and the Lord saved him when he was twelve. The Lord opened his eyes to his own need for forgiveness and reconciliation to God while a teacher was explaining the Great Commission from Matthew 28.  He received his B. A. in 2010 and his M. A. in 2012, both from The University of Central Arkansas. Douglas served as youth intern at BCLR for 5 years before moving to attend seminary. He received his MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY in 2015. Douglas and Cammie have been married since 2009 and have four boys: Kenneth, Graham, Matthew and Levi. They love to read, go for walks and play sports.

Catherine Dunlap

7th-8th Grades Girls Leader
This is my second year serving in youth group and I’m a leader for the 7th and 8th grade girls. I attended BCLR for youth group and I remember knowing in 11th grade that one day I wanted to be involved in this ministry. Several of my leaders in youth invested time in me and have discipled me over the years. Having women in the church that I could talk to not only helped me week by week during high school, but also helped me transition into the church as an adult after graduation. I hope I can offer that same friendship and listening ear to the girls I lead now. When I’m not at church, I love spending time with family and friends over a cup of coffee or tea, cooking, watching movies, and staying active.

Mark Etherington

9th-10th Grades Boys Leader
I have served in student ministries around 13 years now beginning when my oldest child started 7th grade.
My love for student ministries was developed in me as a child as my parents involved me in their bus ministry bringing children to church. My college training in ministry was focused on youth ministries which prepared me to become a youth pastor as well as working at a youth camp in the summer. I have loved student ministries at BCLR because I have been able to minister alongside my six children who have grown up in ROC and have the opportunity to impact young people for the gospel’s sake!

Philip Fulmer

7th-8th Grades Boys Leader
I love serving in Student Ministries because I get to show the truth and love of Christ to students who are entering the stage of life where they are beginning to think for themselves about the world around them, and I want to point them to Christ for the answers to all of their questions. I’ve served in Student Ministries for one year.
Some fun facts about me: I am a huge fan of Moonpies and am known as "The Moonpie Man" by most of my friends. I love hanging out with my family and watching and discussing TV shows with my friends.

Lori Harris

11th-12th Grades Girls Leader
I love serving in youth because I love the students! I love being their friend and mentor. I love pointing them to Jesus. I love how God can use a sinful, imperfect person (me) to love on the students. I love the relational aspect this has given me with my girls. It is a sweet blessing to continue friendships with them after they have left student ministry. I have served in student ministries for 11 or 12 years. I have six kids - seven including my son in law - every year we have a contest called “Pimp your Peep” where they decorate Peeps and whoever wins gets to keep the Peep trophy for the next year! I love a good party!

Callie Anna Oxner

9th-10th Grades Girls Leader
This is my first year serving in BCLR Student Ministries and I am one of the 9th-10th Grade Girls' small group leaders. I have attended the Bible Church of Little since 3rd grade, and have been blessed to worship and serve here ever since. I tutored and worked as an RA in college at Ouachita Baptist University, and also led several young women's discipleship small groups. My favorite things to do are read, play video games with my husband, learn new languages, dance, and craft.

Jennifer Rahman

11th-12th Grades Girls Leader
This is my third year serving in student ministry. I have two adult daughters and one son-in-law. I love serving in youth, because I love getting to know the students and finding out what they are passionate about and what their struggles are and helping them to find answers from God’s Word to address their questions. The struggles faced by youth today are different than what I faced as a youth, but the truths needed to deal with them are the same. Praise God that His Word is timeless! I also love continuing friendships with my youth girls even after they have left student ministry. Fun fact about me: I have completed 4 half marathons (as a walker… I don’t run…ever!)

Sarah Ramsfield

7th-8th Grades Girls Leader
 have been a youth leader for three years. I am currently serving with Catherine Dunlap with the 7th and 8th grade girls. I love seeing the youth growing in the Christ. I also really enjoy sitting under Douglas’ teaching.

Allen Thornton

7th-8th Grades Boys Leader
I love serving in student ministries for it played a big role in my life when I was a student. Love investing and sharing my own life experience as well as the gospel/theology within student ministries. I have served off an on throughout my time of 10 years at BCLR as well as 5 years prior at youth events and my home church. I love reading and the outdoors such as hiking and also working out... and the good kind of hip hop!

David Ward

11th-12th Grades Boys Leader
I am an RN at Baptist Health. This is my second time in 30 years to service in the Youth Group at BCLR. I'm fun, outgoing, love youth retreats, and love serving the church.

Tracy Ward

9th-10th Grades Girls Leader
I have served in youth group for 2 years. I love serving in youth because I did not attend church or participate in youth when I was growing up. I pray that I am able to provide biblical guidance and support to our young people as they travel through their teenage years and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
Fun fact: I am very competitive and never back down from a challenge. I love being outdoors and spending time with my family.