Greg Scheideman

I love student ministries because it lets me be used by God with young adults at an age when many of them are spiritually changed. There is no greater joy than to be a first-hand witness to what is often the work of God on a heart. Because I was saved when I was 17, I can remember the struggles I went through in Junior High and High School well.

I began serving as a leader within 6 months of when we moved to Arkansas in 2008. Although I told the Pastors that I was willing and wanted to serve where I was needed most at the church, Student Ministries was my preference! It has also been somewhere Kelly, me and our 4 kids have loved being together.

I was once in a ballet, love all sports but am not great at any of them and love riding my bike and exercising or doing anything with Kelly.

Kelly Scheideman

I love serving in youth because they are real, full of energy, and are so fun and loving toward me. I learn a lot from them. I also love the bonus of being with Greg and our own children as they’ve gone through youth. I have served in youth since Fall 2009 (with one year off in there). I’m 4’11”. I can play the saxophone. I feel happy most all of the time and I love kettle corn. ❤️