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Family Pastor for Children’s Ministry Job Description

The Family Pastor provides leadership to families with special attention to equipping parents with opportunities and resources to evangelize and instruct their children in the Lord. He is also responsible for creating discipleship environments where pre-school and elementary-aged children learn to know and respond to God rightly through instruction in the gospel and basic Bible doctrines. He also serves as the church administrator with support and cooperation from the Board of Deacons.

Provide vision, organization and oversight to children’s ministries and respective volunteer ministry teams. Build supportive relationships with volunteers by equipping them for ministry and demonstrating a love and concern for their personal welfare. Lead ministry teams in providing Christ-centered, Biblically-based learning experiences for children (pre-K - 6th grade) that will prepare and encourage them toward a life modeled after Jesus Christ. The current prioritization of ministries are:
  • Sunday AM Children’s and Nursery Ministries (Pre-K through 6th grade)
  • AWANA Ministry (Wednesday pm)
  • Care Group Child Care (every other Sunday pm)
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Reformation Celebration

Facilitate the discipleship of parents with children 12-years-old and under focusing primarily on fathers. This involves: (1) personal discipleship of a select number of parents, and (2) recruiting/equipping mentor couples who are also active in discipling younger parents. Collaborate with the Pastor of adult equipping classes (Sunday am) to offer and oversee biblical instruction in parenting and family life.

Oversee the church administrative staff and fiscal operations to include accounting, payroll, state and federal reporting, weekly financial reports to the Elders and Deacons, working with the Board of Deacons to prepare the annual budget and annual audit. BCLR currently has two administrative assistants. Work with the Board of Deacons to maintain BCLR facilities and act as liaison between the church staff, the Board of Elders, and the Board of Deacons.

The Family Pastor of Children’s Ministry reports directly to the Pastor/Teacher. He is also accountable to the Board of Elders for his personal conduct and ministry performance.

Required: Bachelor's degree in biblical studies or M.Div.; 3 yrs. pastoral experience; minimum 2 yrs. administrative/managerial experience
Preferred: 3 yrs. church administrative experience

To Apply
Email resume and application to: James Henrich, Family Pastor Search Committee -

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