Jim Holmquist

My high school youth group meant a lot to me.  It is where I came to understand what it meant to have Jesus as Lord if my life. I also like building into young lives.  
I love it when students can be honest with struggles, questions, fears, doubts, joys, victories and insights!  I want to help them wrestle with their faith. It helps me to feel young.  It also gives me a place to be silly since I can't do that at work! I have worked in Student Ministries for 8 wonderful years. I lived and worked in a castle in Austria that was a Christian youth center for 8 months. I really enjoy my kids (my three boys as well as all my youth group kids). I love cooking, especially grilling.
For relaxation I like to use my chainsaw out in the woods behind my house, then burn sticks and logs in preparation for a campfire and s'mores. I like watching my 49ers and spending time with my wife!

Cheryl Holmquist

I have served in student ministries for 7 years.  I love serving here because I love the high school girls at our church.  I hope to be another voice in their lives, besides their parents, that speaks wisdom to them and can encourage them.  I enjoy dogs and dog-sitting, reading and giving swimming lessons.